Frequently Asked Questions


Why don't you just tell us who won for God's sake?

 Spoilers are listed on our spoilers page right here.

What size are the downloadable videos?

DC Unscripted videos are 30 minutes, DC Clips are 10 minutes each and DC Asia varies. All are high quality, Windows Media Player or mp4 files. With a standard internet connection they should be a 15 minute or less download.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted, secure and fast. Email us at for other payment options.

I want to order a DVD, but it says my only option is 'download'. My question is simply: WTF?

Ignore it. We have no way to change this, so just leave it be and proceed with your DVD order. We will see you want a DVD and ship it asap!

I just ordered a video but I can't figure out how to download it. What gives?

After entering your credit card information, you will be able to download instructions on how to view your video. It will be a blue or silver button titled 'download'. Click it. Don't right click and save. Just click it. Still doesn't work? Turn your pop up blocker off.

Ok, I understand all that, but all I got was a stupid html file! Where's my video damnit?

You want that html file! You need that html file! The html file contains a download link and instructions for your video. Its a normal part of the process.

But I'm on my phone! What if I can't do any of that?

No worries! 1 - Bookmark the download instructions page for future use. 2 - Simply click the download link to stream your video or save your vid caps.

What if I still cant download my video?

  Email us at Please, please, please be as descriptive as possible with your issue. Messages like: 'It wont download' wont do either of us any good. We need to fix the problem before sending you a new link. Is your connection wifi, router, or directly wired? Are you downloading onto a PC, tablet, or phone? What browser?

But what if I didn't get that blue or silver button and all it says is my order is 'pending review'?

Then there is an issue with your credit card that needs to be addressed. Usually a typographical error or an old billing address was put in. We typically do not charge your card and cancel the order (please allow up to your credit cards normal billing cycle for this to be reflected), in which case you'll receive an email notification. Keep in mind we have this system in place for your protection, so please don't get cranky with us about it. If identity thief assholes could fly, the internet would be an airport.

Are your downloadable products refundable?

While we will try to find a resolution to make everyone happy, due to the nature of digital goods, once your credit card has been charged, our products are non refundable.

About Us


We know you and your buddies have sat around your dorm wondering what would happen if those two hotties in your English Lit class got into a nasty hair pulling catfight. We know you've looked through those popular men's magazines and day dreamed about your favorite models locked in combat. Now THAT would make a great beer commercial!

Well, this is it. This is the company you've been waiting for. But what sets us apart from the rest? We're glad you asked!

Our motto is 'The Hottest Girls...The Most Action!' We have very high standards for talent chosen to be a Dangerous Curves girl. Each is a 'ten' in her own right. Most have modeling experience and athletic training. They all have great attitudes and know how to make each video intense and action packed. Our talent is trained and knows actual catfight, submission, and wrestling holds, and they use them. You wanna buy a wrestling video, so we don't have minute’s worth of posing or interviews. The girls can't wait to get their hands on each other, and you can't wait to see it, so you get the full 30 minutes. All killer, no filler!

There's a reason why the action photos you will see on this site are screen shots. That's because we believe you should know what you're getting. Nothing is posed for or scripted.


But hey, we're supposed to hype our product right? So let's hear what others have to say...

"I'm a return customer because you put out such a unique product. Nowhere else will you find women with the looks of a model and the intensity of a wrestling/MMA match."

"Your videos are fun, the girls are very talented and it’s good to see competitive fighting, a refreshing change!"

"You have too many great videos. I own 22 of them all together...and I still want to get at least 10 more. You're just too good at this you evil (people). I've never been disappointed with a video which is the best complement I can think of for a wrestling site."

"(Dangerous Curves) seems to be about (the customers) and it shows. There are a lot of female wrestling sites on the web and you guys have seem like you have carved out a unique niche - from your wrestlers to the intensity to the long painful holds. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates what you guys do!"

"(The Dangerous Curves Girls) perform real wrestling moves instead of just rolling around. It's sexy as hell but clean, professional, and classy."

"Wow man! Just wow! Great (custom video)! Outfits 10, camera angles 10, close ups 10, attitudes/cockiness 10, clarity of video 10, sticking to the script 10, holds 10, turnaround time 11, ease of working with you/communication 11, will I use these two again? DEFINITELY! You have certainly locked yourself in for my customs business. Thanks!"

- Frequent customers

"I'm paying more attention to Dangerous (Curves) fights from now on...I think they've got some very nice looking talent and girls who have the desire to put on a good performance...It's a fresh breath of air in this industry when a company can make the effort to listen to their fans and work on it to bring forth an ever improving product to those of us who love this stuff."

- Seaking, seakingsfemfight

"I love working for Their girls are hot and very tough! Every time I visit the area, is my #1 stop!"

- Female wrestling superstar, Hollywood

"Dangerous Curves Video is a well-done and designed site to say the least. And the girls? If there is a wrestler/model on there that is NOT attractive, then I didn't see her! Overall, it is one of the best retail video pages I have seen in a while. Site Content – A, Site Navigability – A,Wrestlers Looks –A, Overall rating – A."

- Online review,

"I don't always buy female wrestling videos, but when I do...I prefer Dangerous Curves."

- The Most Interesting Man in the World

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All models located within our domain were 18 years of age or older during the time of photography. All models proof of age are held by the custodian of records who can be contacted at: admin (at) All content otherwise exempt as this website and/or downloadable content displays no nudity, sexual activity, or lascivious behavior and is solely sports entertainment in nature.

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Digital goods, once your credit card has been charged, are non refundable.

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