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This was the third of four matches in a row we had lined up for our guest, the uber popular Sarah Brooke, and all against our fiercest competitors! Having already wrestled Lucy and Sumiko, Jinx was up next. Maybe the least experienced, Jinx was sure the feistiest and gave the submission trained Sarah all she could handle. Another battle that may be foreshadowing a more competitive trend for our matches, Jinx shows fighting spirit and makes Sarah earn every submission or pin. Continuing a theme, this was another contest that was a lot closer than the final score would indicate, as Jinx has Sarah in trouble frequently during the course of the fight, but the highly skilled Sarah either escapes or is just too stubborn to give up! There's some hard stomach punching, lots of body scissors which are held long and squeezed tightly, plenty of tight chokes and smothers. Cross body, school girl, and grapevine pins. Arm bars, head locks, and lots more. In the end, the final score is one sided, but Jinx scored some points in other ways and showed how tough she was, even with Sarah tormenting her for the final fall. Not one to go down like a wuss, Jinx swears revenge and when you see her fire all during this match, you know she means it! I think we will be hearing a lot from this girl in the future!

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