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Fighters: Yunji (green) Yumi (black) Rumi (orange)


Korean team showdown continues! We've got a clear heel face battle here as Yunji, the cutie from the last episode, steps in with Yumi, who's under a lot of pressure from her boss to end Yunji's career. The smaller girl always fights with heart though, and it's going to take a brutal post match attack, before super star Rumi makes the save! A challenge is issued after a backstage confrontation and it's on! Two Asian beauties who look like twins pound, slam, and bend the hell out of each other for supreme rule!


Match 1: pins, corner work, body slams, Boston crab, suplexes, drop kick, head scissors, camel clutch, figure four, anaconda vice, sleeper, 619, code red, arm bar, post match attack


Match 2: pre match attack, strikes, suplexes, body slam, Boston crab, head scissors, cross face, pile driver, figure four, leg drop, abdominal stretch, rear choke, cobra clutch, side slam



23 mins - $22.95


23 mins - $22.95


Fighters: Rumi (orange) Minseo (black)


This is the last season, the last episode, and the last match of the Korean Irongirl series! What a finale it is! Two tall, gorgeous girls who could be mistaken for models suit up and throw down! Both leaders of their r teams; babyface and popular Rumi steps in the ring with the sexy Minseo. The girls are so remarkably even that it's hard to tell who's going to come out on top, but you'll love finding out as they go all out to see who the dominant team is finally! This great match plus 20 mins of free bonus footage!


Part 1: snap mare, head scissors, leg bar, single legs crab, pins, test of strength, hammerlocks, clothesline, corner work, body slam, bear hug, back breaker, cross body


Part 2: figure four, strikes, abdominal stretch, back breaker, pins, arm bar, dragon sleeper, pedigree, pile drivers, right of passage



14 mins - $13.95


14 mins - $13.95


Fighters: Yujong (blue) Min (red)


The final installment of the K-Cat Pro league has a bit of a twist! And we're not talking about these beauties bodies! This one features a veteran wrestler, Min, taking on a total rookie, still learning the ropes, Yu! At first, you have to wonder if the experienced Mia is taking the newbie blonde seriously as it seems she almost enjoys breaking the new girl in, but she makes the mistake of letting Yu stay in it and not finishing her off while she can, and the girl in blue fight right back up all the way to a shocking finish!


Part 1: faceoff, catfight, test of strength, low blow, strikes, hair pulling, pins, camel clutch, back elbow, body blocks, back breaker

Part 2: pins, shrimp hold, strikes, stomps, figure four head scissors, bow and arrow, figure four, hair pulling, high angle Boston crab

Part 3: hair pulling, bear hug, back breaker, rear choke, schoolgirl pin, abdominal stretch, strikes, octopus, corner work, torture rack, Texas cloverleaf


10 mins - $9.95

10 mins - $9.95

10 mins - $9.95


Fighters: Minseo (pink) Yunji (green)


All the drama and kick ass action of the Korean Irongirl series is back in this and final season! And all your favorites return too, as it seems 'Team Korea' is imploding! The WIND girls all compete with each other in this series tournament style with plenty of interlopers, pot stirring, slamming, twisting, and pinning! As always, the production values are world class and the action is performed as well as you'd see on TV as in this episode sexy Minseo and cutie Yunjin battle to weed out who's the weakest!


Part 1: history, flashbacks, set up, head lock, chain wrestling, drop kick, cross body, pins, strikes, clothesline, body slam, rear choke, suplex Boston crab


Part 2: bow and arrow, chin lock, body slam, pins, cross bodies, drop kick, figure four, bulldog, abdominal stretch, kimura lock, suplexes, camel clutch, tombstone, STO, epilogue, preview



19 mins - $18.95


19 mins - $18.95


Fighters: Yuna (red) Ari (grey)


Yuna and Ari are both competing for a chance to wrestling in Japan, and are willing to do anything to each other to get it! Hell, they start off attacking each other even before the bell. After being separated, it's all pro-style, with the girls checking all the boxes of the sexiest holds, and those suits are stretched super tight while their bodies are bent out of shape! Holy shit is Ari flexible! In the end, it's kinda one but the fun part is seeing who gets wrecked, left crying, posed on and then dragged out by her hair!


Part 1: pre match catfight, hair pulling, pins, strikes, test of strength, corner work, Boston crab, abdominal stretch, back breaker submission, head scissors


Part 2: figure four head scissors, crippler crossface, rear choke, camel clutch, Boson crab, reverse head scissors, leg bar, torture rack, matchbook pin



16 mins - $15.95


16 mins - $15.95


Fighters: Yujong (grey) Sohee (pink)


The League rolls on! Next up in the series we have hotties Yujong in a perfect grey suit tangling it up with pink sweetheart Sohee! They may look cute, but fight nothing like it, delighting in pounding, bending, and embarrassing each other with all the greatest pro hits! The first half shows Yujong dominating to the points there's no was Sohee comes back, but the cutie shows a dirty side and zaps her bigger rival, taking over and at the ends, it's anyone's match until a brutal submission takes one out!


Part 1: lock up, test of strength, headlock, clotheslines, stomps, pins, Boston crab, archer compact, abdominal stretch, reach choke w/ body scissors, corner work, knee strikes


Part 2: pins, triangle choke, stomps, camel clutch, reverse head scissors, octopus, electric massage, low blows, tombstone, inverted Texas cloverleaf, posing



11 mins - $10.95


11 mins - $10.95


Fighters: Chae-Eun


What have we here? Seem Korean hottie Chae-Eun was caught with her pants down (literally!) by her man, the masked baddie, after he came home from training, and saw her with another guy! You do know that naturally, a wrestling match is going to break out! The dastardly male heel cheats of course to get Chae-Eun all bent out of shape. But, turns out, she knows a thing or two as well, and this relationship isn't going down without a fight! However, someone goes 'up', carried up the stairs when it's over!


Part 1: stare down, test of strength, strikes, abdominal stretch, hair pulling, lift and carry, Boston crabs, chin lock, camel clutch, low blows


Part 2: head scissors, figure four head scissors, strikes, bow and arrow, torture rack, sharp shooter, Boston crab, lift and carry




13 mins - $12.95


13 mins - $12.95


Fighters: Summer (green) Yuna (leopard)


Shits about to go down! Summer is getting interviewed when it gets interrupted by Yuna, and we think she's pissed because Summer stole her swimsuit or something. Does it matter? Soon Yuna shows up and it's not long before gorgeous shiny black hair is getting pulled! The fight makes its way into the living room were a really bitchy pro-style match breaks out with all the nasty, sexy moves you can think of! It's kinda one sided, but while the other girls gets some shots in, she's left tied up and crying!


Part 1: confrontation, hair pulling, stomps, chokes, knee strikes, head scissors, sleeper, bow and arrow, head lock, punching, anaconda vice, Boston crab, single leg crab, abdominal stretch


Part 2: Summer, hair pulling, headbutt, head lock, punching, camel clutch, reverse head scissors, body slam, back breaker, low blows, Boston crab, figure 4 head scissors, tying, humiliations



17 mins - $16.95


17 mins - $16.95


Fighters: Saebom (purple) Sungyeon (pink)


Quite possibly the hottest pro style match we've featured? Could be! Seems Saebom and Sungyeon have a thing going. They meet in a restaurant to discuss things and a catfight breaks out! Not wanting to get arrested, the girls decide to settle things in the ring with each feeling the need to look hotter than the other. Saebom looks like a star and is the perfect purple heel in this, stretching the pretty in pink Sungyeon until it looks like her suit will tear in all the right places while she slowly gets dismantled!


Part 1: cat fight, test of strength, hair pulling, forearms, headlock, corner work, kicks, stomps, knee strike, Boston crab, archer compact, abdominal stretch, arm trap cross face, hair pulling, head scissors


Part 2: Sungyeon, Saebom, head scissors, reverse head scissors, rope work, bow & arrow, camel clutch, dragon sleeper, low blow, rear choke, body scissors, knee strikes, back breaker, Boston crab, posing



19 mins - $18.95


19 mins - $18.95


Fighters: Yuri (blue) Chaerin (pink) Hyeri (orange)


First, a surprising mixed battle as Yuri steps up with the other girls watching to match up with a very able male opponent! He gets some shit in too like chokes and taunts, lifting her up, but soon falls prey to Yuri's legs. Do the girls triple team him in the end? You bet they do! Next, Chaerin and Hyeri suit up and look hot for a pro style apartment match, every bit as good as you'd see in the ring, with all the moves you love, and some *shocking* ones too! Pretty one sided with an extended posing session finish!


Match 1: stare down, rear choke, pins, male lift and carry, head scissors, arm bar, spanking, tickling, cross face, smothering, body scissors, triple team


Match 2: headlock, camel clutch, figure four, low blows, atomic drop, abdominal stretches, electric massage, Boston crab, victory posing



10 mins - $9.95


10 mins - $9.95


Fighters: Hana (red) Rumi (black)


Korean Playboy Bunnies, wrestling. Need we say more? Seems Rumi and Hana, two besties from the babyface side are being forced by the boss to dress up like the classic bunnies and wrestle for his amusement. They're not super stoked about the idea, but throw themselves, and eventually each other, right into it! Both knockout beauties are total eye candy in the bunny outfits, but boy they don't play; slamming each other around and bending each other up in ways you only imagined in your dreams!


Part 1: head scissors, dropkick, body slams, pins, strikes, suplex, sitting guillotine, hair mare, Boston crab, back breaker, STF, sitting neck snap, ab stretch, flying crossbody, anaconda vice, tree of woe


Part 2: torture racks, butterfly chancery, enzuigiris, kimura lock, surfboard, body scissors, RKO, Texas cloverleaf, pins, strikes, baby swing, sleeper, leg bar, piledrivers, dragon sleeper, suplex, code red




21 mins - $20.95


21 mins - $20.95


Fighters: Mirae (White) Rena (black)


The exciting conclusion! Our evil (and sexy!) masked henchwoman, on behalf of her boss, has employed the services of Rena, the black clad heel who was quite impressive in S4E1, to take out the former heel Mirae, who they think has gone soft. Smaller and somehow seemingly less vicious than her opponent, Mirae shows fighting spirit against Rena, who's getting off on throwing her around, bending her up, and parading her. It all leads up to a thrilling, surprise finish before a shocking new challenge is offered!


Part 1: clotheslines, strikes, back breaker, pins, test of strength, corner work, suplexed, camel clutch, ankle lock, strikes, Boston crab, head scissors, STF bear hug, archer compact

Part 2: back breaker, pins, torture racks, strikes, body slam, arm bar, unprettier, chokes, pile drivers, leg bars, abdominal stretch, ankle lock atomic drop

Part 3: Tombstone pile drivers, pins, strikes, leg bar, test of strength, Samoan drop, pins, ankle lock, arm bar, omoplata


18 mins - $17.95

18 mins - $17.95

18 mins - $17.95


Fighters: Ha-na (white blue) So-yeon (red) Jenni (navy) A-mi (white red)


As we saw in episode one, the new fighters have fire! While someone had to lose, both beauties are back to try again, and the pairings are switched up. Match one features vicious cutie A-mi and the mysterious So-yeon slamming each other around the pro ring. The ending is as brutal emotionally on the loser as the action was on both! Next up is a 'Briefcase on a Pole' match between sexy heel Jenni and super sweetie Ha-na. Winner gets the contract, so you know they beat the hell out of each other to take the W!


Match 1: strikes, body slams, pins, camel clutch, surf board, arm bar, guillotine, corner work, 3 amigos, flying knee, neck breakers, chancery, pile driver, kimura, atomic drop, ab stretch, Samoan drop, F5


Match 2: test of strength, strikes, corner work, butterfly chancery, implant buster, sidewalk slam, muscle buster, ring post, tree of woe, pile driver, shining wizard, torture rack, power bomb, interference



20 mins - $19.95


20 mins - $19.95


Fighters: Ha-na (white blue) A-mi (white red)


Hardcore match, baby! Quite the rivalry was formed between the two cutest Korean wrestlerettes Ha-na, and A-mi. There is only one way to settle it! A-mi has turned out to be quite the manipulating brat too, flirting her way into letting the sponsor meet Ha-na, who wants to put this little shit away, with no rules.  Plates, boards, chairs, and chains; all legal, all used, along with the most gorgeous submission and pro impact holds you can think of! Part three is a BTS look at the making of the series, for half price!


Part 1: intro, slap fight, corner work, monkey flip, back bend submission, body slam, butt drop, pins, strokes, cross body, underhook suplex, rolling back breaker, foreign objects, piledriver


Part 2: Gory special, blood, surf board, koji clutch, spear. foreign objects, enziguri, torture rack, drop kick, skull crushing finale, chain choke, muscle buster



13 mins - $12.95

13 mins - $12.95

20 mins - $9.95


Fighters: Mana / Japan (black) Rumi / Korea (red)


The centuries old feud is settled in the sexiest way possible: girl on girl pro style swimsuit wrestling! If you tuned in to part one, striking Korean starlet Rumi shows up to defend the honor of her country. Preparing for Maria, what she wasn't expecting was for BATTLE to send for their nasty heel Mana Kaneshiro! Mana is not in a good mood and determined to cheat, beings the weapons out, but Rumi shows so much heart and fire and fights to the end. All this plus awesome behind BTS footage!


Part 1: set up, arm drag, drop kick, body slams, strikes, pins, corner work, rear choke, body scissors, suplexes, ab stretch, anaconda vice, Boston crab, torture rack, camel clutch

Part 2: dragon sleeper, bull dog, power bomb, figure four, 619, bear hug, strikes, unprettier, pile driver, corner work, back breaker, rear choke, body scissors chancery, head scissors, kendo stick

Part 3: outside the ring, chair shots, chain choke, face buster, pedigree, Romero, pins, power bomb, right of passage, pile drivers, behind the scenes


21 mins - $20.95

21 mins - $20.95

21 mins - $20.95


Fighters: Ha-na (white blue) So-yeon (red) Jenni (navy) A-mi (white red)


Back from Japan, and back to the drama! After season two, some fighters were eliminated, so Team Wizard found four new Korean hotties to slam, bend, and twist each other around the ring in those super revealing one piece suits. This is their try out matches, with each looking to impress. Two are natural heels, the other natural babyfaces, all fours are skilled and deadly. Man, you gotta see the moves they bust out on each other! And after this series is over, you'll totally understand why all four got a contract!


Match 1: clotheslines, dropkicks, pins, body slam, sleeper, suplexes, camel clutch, code breaker, pile driver, back breaker, torture rack, spear, spinning head scissors, figure 4, F5, 619, Romero


Match 2: pre match attack, suplexes, dragon sleeper, strikes, dropkick, choke, body slams, back breaker, pins, DDT, skull crushing finale, pile driver, bear hug, torture rack, vertebreaker, sharp shooter





26 mins - 25.95


20 mins - 19.95


Fighters: Yi-re (black) Ju-yeon (red) Mina (leopard) Mi-rae (white)


Think things got settled last edition? Think again! Now it's tag team time baby! This all goes down with Yi-re stretching around in the ring, which you absolutely won't mind seeing in her black suit. She's joined up by sneaky minx Mina who wants some more of the new team of Mi-rae and Ju-yeon, who turned 'face. It may just be a case of which team can coexist the best, and their alliances are tested with double teams, cheating tactics, and sexy submissions! The winners are found, the losers argue and...


Part 1: clotheslines, drop kicks, slams, Boston crabs, camel clutch, corner work, dragon sleepers, strikes, suplexes, neck breaker, cross body, stunner, surfboards, ankle lock


Part 2: tree of woe, slams, sharp shooter. drop kick, sleeper, Boston crab, arm bar, bull dog, Samoan drop, wish bone, torture rack, muscle buster, pedigree, pile drivers, stunners, devastation device




13 mins - $12.95


13 mins - $12.95


Fighters: Maria / Japan (blue) Chi-rin / Korea (red)


We've given you Japan vs USA, how about Japan vs Korea? Team Wizard doesn't disappoint with this two part series, selecting a skilled kawaii fighters to take on team Korea in this heated eternal rivalry: Maria. Her rival in the war? Hottie Chi-rin, and believe us when we tell ya, both girls take great pleasure in slamming and twisting each other up with sexier holds until one dominates and threatens to take the losers swimsuit! That's when a friend steps in to make the save! The drama unfolds to set up part 2!


Part 1: lockup, corner work, strikes, chokes, back breaker, pins, bulldog, head scissors, dragon sleeper, gut buster, Boston crab, torture rack

Part 2: surf board, full nelson, butterfly cravat, abdominal stretch, bear hug, cross face, bull dog, guillotine choke , pins, camel clutch, Boston crab, rope work

Part 3: figure four, stomps, weapons, strikes, pins, reverse head scissors, leg split, rear chokes, triangle, taunting, trash talk, body slam, pile driver



19 mins - 18.95

19 mins - 18.95

19 mins - 18.95


Fighters: Yi-re (black) Ji-woo (yellow) Mina (leopard) Mi-rae (white)


The drama continues! A couple of your favorite hotties from season one return to continue their sexy destruction, as gorgeous black clad heel Yi-re runs into new fighter Ji-woo in yellow. With everything she experience previously, Yi-re seems a bit out of sorts to start, a little hornet Ji-woo takes full advantage until a sudden turn around. Next, sneaky cat Mina pops up to pester Mi-rae into a slamming, limb twisting, wincing, moaning, and ego destroying match. You don't want to miss the shocking ending!


Match 1: stretching, strikes, body slams, torture rack, suplexes, pins, bear hug, pile driver, rope work, ankle lock, legs drops, Boston crab, camel clutch, senton bomb, head scissors, pedigree, stretch muffler


Match 2: hair slam, suplexes, pins, cross face, guillotine choke, body slams, neck snapper, figure four, drop kick, tarantula, bow and arrow, lotus lock, rear choke, cutter, death valley driver, pile driver



12 mins - $11.95


18 mins - $17.95


Fighters: Mi-rae (white) Ju-yeon (red) Yi-re (black)


Let's get right to it! Returning cutie Mi-rae sure does, locking right up with surprise boss heel from episode 1, Ju-yeon. Winner gets the sexy girl in black Yi-re in the cage! Both motivated, but for different reasons: Mi-rae wants revenge on Yi-re for what she did to her in season 1, and Ju-yeon to show who the real top bitch in this ring is. They both show how bad they want it, and bust out move even WWE talent wont dare try! Winner gets Yi-re in a brutal, emotional battle...and that's before the chains come out!


Match 1: hip tosses, arm bar, ab stretch, rope work, foot choke, butterfly suplex, single leg crab, tarantula, figure four, pins, full nelson, piledrivers, crossface bear hug, flying crossbody, reverse cloverleaf, DDT


Match 2: drop kick, hair throw, monkey flip, tree of woe, falcon arrow, cage work, stunner, body slam, piledriver, clothesline, strikes, leg drop, rear choke, Boston crab, pedigree, stretch muffler, chain choke



17 mins - $16.95


12 mins - $11.95


Fighters: Park ha-young (black) Tanya Lee (pink)


A concept so nice, they did it twice! Two Korean hotties, one part DC Unscripted grappling, one part pro style wrestling, mixed together and you have a video 100% Team Wizard! This time up it's heelish babe Ha-young taking on English speaking Tanya both ways, and the grappling match was so good, it's the feature attraction! The girls sport sporty bikinis and go at it like they need to be peeled apart! Next, it's the traditional one pieces that highlight their bodies when they bend and twist each other up!


Part 1: Ha-young, full body pin, grappling, take downs, rear naked chokes, body scissors, cross body pins, schoolgirl pins

Part 2: Tanya, test of strength, grappling, take downs, body scissors, legs locks, rear naked chokes, matchbook pin, cradle pin, taunting

Match 2: lock up, strikes, hair pulling, corner work, rope work, pins, cobra clutch, camel clutch, back breaker, Boston crab, butterfly cravat, figure four, head scissors, guillotine


15 mins - $14.95

15 mins - $14.95

15 mins - $14.95


Fighters: Park e-seul (orange) Cho mun-ju (blue)


Straight up, Korean hottie, pro-style wrestling! This time, the beauties kick it swimsuit style in a long bout with as much pro action as you could dream about in a WWE match and girls you DO dream about, straight out of a fantasy and onto you device! Import model babe E-Seul takes on fitness model angel Mun-ju, and with both girls suits stretched over their perfect bodies while applying some of the most painful submission holds imaginable, only one can be left laying a loser. Or both? Either way, you win!


Part 1: E-seul, stare down, strikes, corner work, head smash, hair pulling, rear chin lock, surf board, Boston crab, single leg crab, pins, figure four, cross face, straight jacket


Part 2: Mun-ju, figure four head scissors, strikes, abdominal stretch, cobra clutch, taunting, corner foot choke, bulldog, pins, head scissors, outside the ring, weapons, dragon sleeper



15 mins - $14.95


15 mins - $14.95


Fighters: Ju-hee (brown) Yi-re (black)


What's not to love about a classic babyface versus heel, best of 3 falls match, with two sexy Korean girls? This is no lie, hype, or hyperbole: Ju-hee and Yi-re are as talented at punishing another girls body as they are hot! This is the dramatic conclusion of the Irongirl Tournament and trust us, when you see this match, you'll know it was worth the wait and every penny. More action intense than a lot of the shit you see on WWE these days, and with a shocking heel turn conclusion that will leave you wanting more!


Part 1: Stretching, hip toss, arm drag, sunset flip, strikes, body slam, chokes, STF, camel clutches, tree of woe, figure 4, hurrcanrana, suplexes, back breaker, dragon sleeper, ab stretch, bear hug

Part 2: full nelson, back drop, head scissors, Romero, bear hug, strikes, drop kick, STF, camel clutch, rope work, torture rack, suplexes, corner work, ab stretch, baby swing, falcon arrow

Part 3: head scissors, STF, figure 4, Boston crab, pile driver, drop kick, suplexes, body slam, dragon sleeper, swanton bomb, chokes, back breaker, camel clutch, airplane spin, double teaming, posing


17 mins - $16.95

17 mins - $16.95

17 mins - $16.95


Fighters: Lee Bom-e (black) Hong Ye-Jin (blue)


Holy crap, these Korean babes are fighting Dangerous Curves style! That's right, our friends at Team Wizard produced a few matches very similar to our unscripted ones, and you couldn't ask for two hotter girls to watch grapple it out than 'Race Queen' Bom-e and 'Super Model' Ye-Jin! They go at it athletic style first in a marathon, two part, multi fall match. Very sporty, very sexy! Next, the girls squeeze into those popular, super flattering one piece swimsuits to slam, twist, and devastate each other pro-style!


Part 1: interview, test of strength, grappling, take downs, body scissors, legs locks, rear naked chokes, matchbook pin, cradle pin, schoolgirl pin

Part 2: interview, full body pin, grappling, take downs, rear naked chokes, body scissors, kimura lock, cross body pins, schoolgirl pins, taunting

Match 2: face off, test of strength, strikes, corner work, cross face, low blow, atomic drop, back breakers, figure 4, camel clutch, surf board, ab stretch, Boston crab, rear choke, bear hug, death star


21 mins - $20.95

21 mins - $20.95

21 mins - $20.95


Fighters: Suji (cop) Mina (cat burgler)


Welcome to Korea! We're excited to have Team Wizard as our new Asian partner! The action is perfectly performed, production values top notch, and the girls smoking hot! You'll be addicted after getting this incredible CAGE MATCH between arresting sexy cop Suji and catwoman bad girl Mina who'll steal your heart! These are not pretty actresses play wrestling. They're as deadly in the ring as they are gorgeous in those costumes, busting out incredible pro moves! Get it now plus a FREE swimsuit battle pictorial!


Part 1: stretching out, sneak attack, strikes, cross body, corner work, bulldog, snap mares, camel clutch, rear choke, figure 4, neck breaker, head scissors, rope work, leg drop, pins

Part 2: Mina, power slam, figure 4, sharpshooter, matchbook pin, back breaker, strikes, elbow drops, ankle lock, flying cross body, corner slam, camel clutch, neck breaker, triangle choke, body slam

Part 3: Suji, Boston crab, back breaker, bear hug, strikes, crossface, corner work, tornado DDT, octopus, stunner, lotus lock, hair pulling, posing, taunting, hand cuffs


15 mins - $14.95

15 mins - $14.95

15 mins - $14.95


Fighters: Mina (leopard) Ju-hee (brown) Suji (navy) Yi-re (black)


What's better than two Korean cuties? The same Korean cuties with two more Korean cuties! This is another outstanding work from our friends at Team Wizard, the first two matches of a tournament that sees the kitten-like Mina returning in sexy and brutal action against Ju-hee. Second, a pre match beating establishes a very clear heel in Yi-re who enjoys making busty Suji suffer until she fires up and gives it right back! Too much good stuff for this description and the drama sets up the finals perfectly!


Match 1: strikes, neck breaker, arm bar, leg bar, Boston crab, body slams, ab stretch, snap suplex, choke, 3 amigos, attitude adjustment, leg whip, figure 4, Romero, pile driver, stunner, bear hug


Match 2: pre match attack, body slams, drop kick, Boston crab, STF, camel clutch, figure 4, Romero, tree of woe, pedigree, baby swing, ab stretch, torture rack, pile drivers, head scissors, stretch muffler




21 mins - $20.95


23 mins - $22.95

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