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Fighters: Ayano (gold),  Yuki (black)


How wild is this match? They *start off* the match with a chain! Welcome to the 'Fierce Animal' wrestling series! There's no holding back here and two cuties in super tight swimsuits, Ayano and Yuki punish each other in a marathon multi fall match. More submission based and high on the humiliations, things start off great for one beauty, but after a quick reversal! As a matter of face, the final clip is just one big punishment session for the loser who will no doubt remember this loss for a lifetime!


Part 1 features: entrances, chain, choking, parading, abdominal stretch, figure four, electric massage, Boston crab, chin lock

Part 2 features: rope work, figure four head scissors, displaying, head claw, rope across the eyes, posing, chain, parading, punching

Part 3 features: boot kissing, posing, abdominal stretch, Boston crab, claws, tree of woe, kicking, school girl pin, taunting


17 mins - $16.95

16 mins - $15.95

16 mins - $15.95





























Fighters: Nozomi (blue),  Lena (black / pink)


Just like we here at Dangerous Curves have swimsuit matches occasionally, our world famous partners at akibacom.jp have bikini fights sometimes! And that's what you get here as we find out which type of model is the toughest: the race car model or the magazine model? The answer is quite clear as omg Lena fight mean! Nozomi gets some shots in but for the most part, it's one sided domination with some nasty and brutal moves and tactics. Models can be catty and this video proves it!


Match 1 part 1: cheating, stomps, chin lock, face play, single leg crab, spanking, punching, corner work, snap mare, head scissors, body scissors, chokes, taunts, trash talk

Match 1 part 2: face play, electric massage, school girl pin, taunts, trash talk, chokes, figure four leg lock, straddle pins, smother pin, splash, posing, domination


17 mins - $16.95  

   17 mins - $16.95


Fighters: Nao (black),  Yui (red)


It's Fighting Girls vs BATTLE! In old-fashioned ring costumes, the girls fight under the BATTLE's original rules for a pinfall victory! It's a highly competitive match between beautiful wrestlers who both take this very seriously! It's best 2 periods out of 3. FG's Nao is new to this type of wrestling video but has been training hard. But her opponent, Yui, may not appear skilled, but is remarkable in spite of her size. Lets see who comes out on time in this Olympic sized match! Enjoy this in 2 parts!


Basic rules: Fall in 1 second ends the match. Throws are 3 points. 2 points for a near fall. 2 points each take down. 1 point per go-behind. 1 point for tackles. 5 points for throws while opponent is down

Penalties: Ref warnings are 1 point for opponent. No strikes. Pushing out of ring is not allowed. No arguing with the referee. Joint holds are forbidden with some exceptions.


16 mins - $15.95  



   16 mins - $15.95


Fighters: Kiryu (black),  Konomi (pink)


Volume two of his series featuring nothing but the most gorgeous girls our partners akibacom had available featuring the smoking hot ganguro girl Kiryu, who you won't be able to take your eyes off, battling traditional Japanese beauty Konomi! The girls are introduced, strip out of their entrance gear, and then go about winding their bodies around each other and lots more until one starts dominating, wins with a brutal looking Boston crab and poses over, then knocks out her rival with a sleeper!


Match 1 part 1: posing, intros, test of strength, snap mare, body scissors, stomps, Boston crab, STF, figure four leg lock, reverse figure four, rear choke, figure four head scissors

Match 1 part 2: figure four head scissors, octopus, death star, low blow, abdominal stretch, snap mare, head scissors, chin lock, face buster, neck breaker, matchbook pin, Boston crab, posing, sleeper, knock out


18 mins - $17.95  

   17 mins - $16.95


Fighters: Mai (black),  Konomi (red)


Tall, slender, and gorgeous, there no doubt these two could be runway models, but they're not! They're wrestlers! And with bodies like that, you cant bet they look fantastic bending each other in painful directions and twisting each other up like pretzels! Mai and Konomi are not only physically evenly matched, but skill wise they take turns punishing each other with all the holds you love to see and then some until one can't take it any more and has to submit, writhing while the winner taunts her!


Match 1 part 1: posing, test of strength, strikes, chin lock, cross face, abdominal stretch, stomps, Boston crab, ankle lock, leg bar, low blow, rear choke, figure four head scissors

Match 1 part 2: figure four head scissors, snap mare, double toed chin lock, dragon sleeper, back breaker, fish hooking, stomps, strikes, body scissors, choke, face buster, figure four, reversal, trash talk


18 mins - $17.95  



   18 mins - $17.95


Fighters: Kamome (black / blue),  Ran (red / white), Nami (red), Ai (blue)


It's all come down to this! In our previous release, these four cuties battled in first round competition with Nami and Ai making it to the finals of the first B1 Tournament. But first we need to sort out the 3rd and 4th place finalists. Ran goes full on heel mode against super kawaii Kamome in this epic, marathon fight for pride. Then your main event! Two evenly matched and busty babes battle in a best of three falls match to see who takes home the inaugural championship, with only heartbreak for the loser!


Match 1 features: test of strength, strikes, foot choke, head scissors, chin lock, figure four, sleeper, low blow, weapons, ab stretch, octopus, taunts

Match 2 part 1: intros, headlock, figure four, ab stretch, knees, octopus, chin lock, pin, low blow, head scissors, knockout

Match 2 part 2: chin locks, low blow, power bomb, body scissor, head scissor, knock out, strikes, Boston crab, torture rack, post match torment


27 mins - $26.95

18 mins - $17.95

18 mins - $17.95


Fighters: Maya (silver),  Hitomi (red)


This is the first in a series from our friends in Tokyo that emphasizes the beauty of their fighting girls or else why would they give that long title? And believe us, the wrestlerettes looks are highlighted with long and slow close ups of their bodies before, during, and after the painful but flattering holds they put each other in. Well, one puts the other in for the most part! Things get one sided but it's not for lack of trying, and you absolutely wont mind one of these babes looking good while getting punished!


Match 1 part 1: modeling, intros, test of strength, ab stretch, chin lock, stomps, Boston crab, STF, hair pulling, knee strikes, sleeper, figure 4 head scissors, leg drops, pin, dragon sleeper

Match 1 part 2: electric massage, pins, stomach punching, taunting, low blows, chokes, posing, power bomb, trash talking, octopus submission, post match torment, crying


16 mins - $15.95   

   16 mins - $15.95


Fighters: Miyu (yellow), Hikaru (pink), Hikari (blue), Konomi (black)


We saved the best for last! This is the final volume in the 'One Day Tournament' series, and what a series it is! Consistently beautiful wrestlerettes and in tough competition with each other, match one has Miyu taking on popular Hikaru in a total mismatch, but you'll love seeing one cutie tied up in knots the whole time! Next up, two more evenly matched babes, Hikari and Konomi squeeze, bend, and sometimes even smother each other to see who goes on to and exciting finals!


Match 1 features: posing, test of strength, ab stretch, chin lock, STF, regal stretch, face lift, leg drop, rolling backbreaker, figure 4, pinfall

Match 2 features: posing, strikes, chinlock, single leg crab, chokes, body slam, figure 4 head scissors, body scissors, breast smother

Finals features: forearms, snap mare, clothesline, figure 4 head scissors, splash, arm bar, regal stretch, ab stretch, rear choke, trash talk


15 mins - $14.95

15 mins - $14.95

15 mins - $14.95


Fighters: Nami (red), Kamome (black / blue), Ran (red / white), Ai (blue)


Our very first USA exclusive video from the famous BATTLE brand of wrestling videos! And what better title that the very first of their traditional B1 tournaments? All fours girls are tall, strong, and want this so bad you can feel the losers hearts break when they cry after their defeat! Block A features the sexy in red Nami taking on a cutie right from anime, Kamome. B block puts gymnast Ran against curvy Ai. Painful holds, slams, and even weapons propel two into the finals to compete for the belt!


Match 1 part 1: intros, test of strength, body scissors, chin lock, single leg crab, ab stretch, head scissors, stretch muffler, figure four

Match 1 part 2: snap mare, leg drop, arm bar, bow and arrow, STF, reverse head scissors, forearm smash, sleeper, octopus, submission

Match 2 features: kicks, body slams, head scissors, bear hug, breast smother, low blows, kendo stick, power bomb, pin fall, posing, taunting


19 mins - $18.95

19 mins - $18.95

22 mins - $21.95


Fighters: Chiharu (blue) and Yuuka (red)


The girls are back to beat up the guys! Well one guy in particular, as our horned-masked jobber, who never seems to learn his lesson, offers himself up to take on first, a buff Chiharu who proved herself in the One Day Wrestling Tournament 3. Seriously, she looks like she can take him even in a fair fight, and Chiharu does not fight fair! Next up is the cutie Yuuka, a new face who enjoys the chance to practice what she knows on this goon. It's mixed submission wrestling domination and it's yours now!


Match 1 features: Indian death lock, cross face, arm back, dragon sleeper, abdominal stretch, head scissors, Boston crab, figure four, death star, octopus, leg bar, stomps, posing

Match 2 features: kicks, rear choke, chin lock, single leg crab, arm bar, figure four head scissors, figure four, ankle lock, STF, abdominal stretch, octopus, posing


20 mins - $19.95  

   21 mins - $20.95


Fighters: Mimika (blue) and Nunomi (black)


And now for something completely different! We have a plot! Evil villian Nunomi has had her eye on a cute girl at the gym, the adorable Mimika, so she sends her goon (the same one from the mixed videos) to capture her and bring her back to Nunomi's lair, complete with a wrestling ring! Mimika is thrown in a cell and forced to change in order to defeat the mean queen for her freedom! Win and she goes free. Lose and well, she's Nunomi's plaything for ever. Mimika is feisty but is it enough to escape?


Match 1 part 1: workout, kidnapping, changing, Boston crab, single leg crab, posing, chin lock, rear naked choke, elbow, snap mare, figure four head scissors

Match 1 part 2: figure four head scissors, abdominal stretch, reversals, chin lock, camel clutch, single leg crab, corner foot choke, taunting, rear naked choke, knockout


17 mins - $16.95   

   17 mins - $16.95


Fighters: Yume (blue), Aoi (black/red)


You know those super sexy one piece swimsuits that's the classic look for the girls of BATTLE? Well now we got them boxing in them! Yume and Aoi strap the gloves on and pound away on each other wearing the form fitting and flattering gear! Yes, the do look good, but both girls have come to fight! Beautiful bodies are battered in corners, ropes, and on the mat until things turn into a one sided beat down, with the losing lass knocked clear out of the ring and the winner perched in the corner!


Match 1 part 1: Stomach punching, face blows, corner work, multiple knock downs, jabs, rope work, upper cuts, clenches, blocks, count outs, crosses, head locks

Match 1 part 2: Body blows, face hits, corner work, multiple knock downs, jabs, rope work, upper cuts, domination, blocks, count outs, hooks, taunting, one sided, trash talk


13 mins - $12.95  

   13 mins - $12.95


Fighters: Shihori (black), Mona (green), Erika (yellow), Nao (white)


In what may be the hottest line up for a One Day Tournament yet, four more lovely Japanese lasses suit up and step in the ring to see who is champ for 24 hours! In the first round match ups we have the fully endowed Shihori who has a couple of big surprises for the athletic and skilled Mona. Then you'll love seeing the striking Erika, rocking the yellow suit, grappling around with the equally gorgeous Nao. It'll be hard to take your eye off those two, but only one advances to an intense finals!


Match 1 features: intros, kicks, sleeper, chin locks, arm bar, figure 4 head scissors, bear hug, ab stretches, back punishment, trash talk, posing

Match 2 features: intros, choke, arm bar, chin lock, Boston crabs, ab stretch, stretch muffler, octopus, cross face, back breaker, posing, taunts

Finals features: intros, ab stretch, chin locks, choke, surf board, figure 4, single leg crab, back breaker, Boston crab, torture rack, domination


16 mins - $15.95

20 mins - $19.95

18 mins - $17.95


Fighters: Meg (grey), Maki (pink), Maya (red), Ruru (blue)


Where do they find all these kawaii cuties for the 'One Day Tournaments'? We're up to 20 now! What makes this one different? Great pro style ring introductions, with losers left crying, that's how bad these beauties want it! Match one finds Meg like a heel gymnast taking on Maki who looks perfect in pink, one getting KO'ed and laughed at! Next: Maya and Ruru in what's more like a one sided wrestling beat down. It all sets up an awesome finals that ends with one girl in tears! Does heeling pay?


Match 1 features: intros, strikes, figure fours, chokes, pedigree, pins, foreign object use, blood, face buster, body scissors, Boston crab, KO

Match 2 features: atomic drop, single leg crab, back breaker, head scissors, figure four, bow & arrow, chokes, legs lock, domination

Finals features: head scissors, kicks, rings of Saturn, rope work, splash, foreign object, chin lock, stomps, suplex, sleeper, back bend, crying


20 mins - $19.95

20 mins - $19.95

22 mins - $21.95


Fighters: Nanami (blue) and Nana (pink)


How can girls so freekin pretty be so mean and tear apart their male play things? You'll find out if you get this installment of 'Mixed Wrestling Holds', where the ladies practice what they know on the masked guys, except this aint sparring! First up is Nanami who is as good a dancer as she is a wrestler, first shaking it for the camera before she rocks this guys world. In match #2 its Nana who is just heartstoppingly beautiful, but fierce and looks so good posing with her foot on her victims head!


Match 1 features: modeling, lock up, arm bar, head scissors, STF, figure four, leg bar, octopus, chin lock, ab stretch, Boston crab, rear choke, body scissors, knockout, posing, taunting

Match 2 features: modeling, snap mare, figure 4 head scissors, knee strikes, octopus, STF, stunner, Boston crab, face plant, cross face, ankle lock, Indian death lock, arm bar, figure 4, suplex, sleeper, posing


27 mins - $26.95  


   23 mins - $22.95


Fighters: Shiki (red) and Ai (blue)


More cute Japanese girls practicing on their masked male practice partners! Maybe unwilling partners, but one look at these two ladies and you'd be volunteering too! First up, in the classic red swimsuit, Shiki shows off what she knows, and what she knows is how to put a dude in agony with a smile on her face! Next up, in the classic blue is the innocent looking Ai. We assure you, she is anything but and proves it by fighting dirty! And you cant teach that! Almost one full hour of femdom action!


Match 1 features: modeling, figure four, stomps, back breaker, arm bar, Boston crab, stretch muffler, single leg crab, octopus submission, toe lock, bridging Indian death lock, STF, taunts

Match 2 features: modeling, surf boards, low blow, electric massage, ankle lock, arm bar, fujiwara arm bar, stretch muffler, cross face, dragon sleeper, octopus submission, triangle choke, taunting


23 mins - $22.95  

   24 mins - $23.95


Fighters: Hikaru (blue), Arisa (black), Yuri (red), Mari (blue)


You wanted more boxing? Well, Femboxmania returns! This time, another quartet of cuties are ready to lace up the gloves and do battle, best of three rounds style! Match one goes the distance and is broken up into two parts as the girls, outfitted in black and blue, look to make each other black and blue from the beating! Match two goes two rounds as one foxy boxer owns the other in spite of a good effort from her opponent. She goes down for the count twice in a row in a convincing win for one babe!


Match 1 part 1: Stomach punching, face blows, corner work, multiple knock downs, jabs, rope work, upper cuts

Match 1 part 2: body blows, upper cuts, wardrobe malfunction, multiple knock downs, corner work, hooks, combos, taunts

Match 2 features: bikinis, jabs, crosses, tummy punching, multiple knock downs, corner work, rope work, trash talk, eye rolling


16 mins - $15.95

15 mins - $14.95

26 mins - $25.95


Fighters: Majima (red/white), Kano (blue), Shiina (black), Eri (red)


What's better than Wrestlemania? Femboxmania! This is definitely not 'Marques of Queensbury rules'! This is sexy, sweaty, bruising foxy boxing action straight from Japan! Best of 3 rounds but match one was so good and so long we had to break it up into two parts. You're welcome, 'cause you wont want to take your eyes off the smoking hot and confident Majima! She takes on the equally beautiful Kano in oily bikini action. Match two sees Shiina take on Eri in three rounds of body beat downs!


Match 1 part 1: brief intros, stomach punching, face shots, corner work, multiple knock downs, counts, jabs, one sided, rope work, posing

Match 1 part 2: body blows, upper cuts, standing counts, multiple knock downs, female referee checks, corner work, one sided, taunts, posing

Match 2 features: jabs, upper cuts, crosses, stomach punching, multiple knock downs, corner work, rope work, taunting


19 mins - $18.95

18 mins - $17.95

25 mins - $24.95


Fighters: Yuka (pink), Yuki (blue), Risa (black), Nao (grey)


The next set of kawaii cuties are geared up and ready to go! And this time, it's personal! We dont know if they just didnt like each other or what, but this tourney is heavy on the humiliations! First up: Yuka versus Yuki, two girls with similar names, but different looks lock up, bend each other up, and then is forced to look up at the winner while she kisses her boots! In the second match, the popular Risa wants Nao right now! And the loser is left in tears! The finals is an epic 30 minute match that turns one sided!


Match 1 features: intros, chokes, back breaker, Boston crabs, suplexes, low blow, body scissors, trash talk, posing, boot kissing

Match 1 features: intros, lock up, atomic drop, suplexes, figure four, figure 4 head scissors, chin lock, suit pulling, knees, power bombs, crying

Finals features: corner work, rear choke, count outs, strikes, scissors, power bomb, pins, shining wizard, torture rack, romero, chokeout


14 mins - $13.95

17 mins - $16.95

30 mins - $29.95


Fighters: Chiharu (grey), Kaede (red/white), Riko (blue), Dragon Mask


The "One Day Tournament" is back! Round 3...fight! In this installment we gets some clear babyface versus heel battles from the four beauties. Kaede is a total sweetie and a rookie looking to over come the odds and defeat a taller and more experienced Chiharu. How's that gonna work out for her? In the second match, Riko steps in with the mysterious and mean Dragon Mask! The losers are totally devastated on the way to an intriguing third and final match with an absolutely shocking ending that's must see!


Match 1 features: figure four, low blows, Boston crab, chin lock, rings of Saturn, suplexes, leg drop, octopus, strikes, power bomb, crying

Match 2 features: test of strength, back breaker, single leg crab, chin lock, rolling back breaker, choke, torture rack, pile driver, baby swing, taunting

Finals features: body scissors, arm bar, drop kick, stunner, figure four, atomic drop, strikes, ab stretch, pedigree, fisherman suplex, pinfall


23 mins - $22.95

20 mins - $19.95

28 mins - $27.95


Fighters: Yuria (red/white) and Yui (red/white)


Yuria and Yui are usually a tag team but in this mixed tape, split up and strut their stuff all over our poor male tacking dummy! Seriously, he was having a hard enough time dealing with singles wrestlers, now at the hands (and legs and sometimes boobs!) of a tag team? Things are not going to end well for him! The bigger and bustier Yui is up first to show him her assets. Then the smaller but cute and quick brunette Yuria ties him in knots. Both girls show what they know and, spoiler alert: they win!


Match 1 features: modeling, STF, chin lock, camel clutch, rear choke, ab stretch, head lock, Boston crab, single leg crab, figure four head scissors, rolling back breather, suplex, head scissors, taunting, posing

Match 2 features: modeling, figure four, rolling back breaker, octopus submission, Boston crab, Indian death lock, figure four head scissors, ankle lock, omoplata, rings of Saturn, chin lock, taunting


25 mins - $24.95  


   24 mins - $23.95


Fighters: Aya (blue) and Rina (lavender)


Oh this poor masked male wrestler! Having to lay there and take a beating from two more Japanese hotties! Any volunteers to take his place? Since you cant, why not watch Aya and Rina practice their moves on him? Up first is the blue clad Aya who is just a classic kawaii girl, but dont be fooled! This girl can wrestle and does everything to precision! Following is the tall, slender, athletic, and exotic Rina. Even in a fair fight she looks like she could take him! But these two do not fight fair!


Match 1 features: modeling, rear naked choke, stomps, chin lock, camel clutch, arm bar, single leg crab, figure four, octopus submission, stunner, figure four head scissors, STF, ab stretch, straight jacket choke, posing

Match 2 features: modeling, ankle lock, cross face, leg drop, dragon sleeper, scorpion death lock, dirty tactics, surf board, arm lock, body scissors, rolling back breaker, triangle choke, knockout, posing


25 mins - $24.95  

   25 mins - $24.95


Fighters: Ruri (white/red), Ayumi (black), Erika (pink/red), Mai (silver)


If foxy boxing is your thing, we have another installment of this great series for you! Not only can the Japanese girls wow in wrestling, but they can straight up throw down fisticuffs style, yo! No doubt, just like wrestling, the girls are pretty technically sound and know how to throw punches while keeping it sexy. With the ladies properly oiled up, match one (sided) sees Ruri lacing it up versus Ayumi. Match two has Erika and Mai pounding on each other, then the winners meet in the finals where one is proven a clearly dominant boxing babe!


Match 1 features: body blows, stomach punching, upper cuts, slow motion replays, trash talk, spit flying, multiple knock downs, domination

Match 2 features: jabs, multiple knock downs, crosses, stomach punching, slow motion replays, spit flying, knock out

Finals features: All of the above plus corner work and domination!


15 mins - $14.95

13 mins - $12.95

7 mins - $6.95


Fighters: Yuko (silver), Noriko (red), Narumi (black), Makoto (blue)


We have had a lot of requests for boxing, well now through our partnership with akibacom.jp, we're proud to make available the first girlie boxing offering available on dangerousvideo.com! If these girls are half as good at boxing as they are wrestling, you know this is going to be a must have set! You can see the foxy fighters working up a sweat during the match as all they wear are their smallest of bras. The winner of a prolonged first match battles the winner of a quicker second to see who rules the day!


Match 1 features: body blows, low blows, breast punching, jabs, multiple knock downs, slow motion replays, spit flying, upper cuts, taunting

Match 2 features: body blows, breast punching, multiple knock downs, slow motion replays, grappling, spit flying, upper cuts, count out

Finals features: body blows, multiple knock downs, spit flying, crosses, jabs, knockout, post match posing, taunting


20 mins - $19.95

10 mins - $9.95

20 mins - $19.95


Fighters: Rumi (red), Chisa (black), Honoka (blue), Aoi (silver)


Another day, another tournament! In this popular format, four cuties are selected and pair off, with each winner going on to a final match to find out who the top girl of the day is. Your sexy fighters in round one are a star in the making, Rumi, taking on a girl who could easily be her twin, Chisa. Match two puts the athletic Honoka against the taller, model-like Aoi. All four are evenly matched, the winners tired but valiant, and you can be sure the two finalists are determined to come out on top!


Match 1 features: lock up, rear choke, chin lock, figure four, arm bar, head scissors, dirty tactics, Boston crab, torture rack, rack attack, pin

Match 2 features: suplexes, Boston crab, octopus, power bomb, pedigree, body slam, Indian death lock, pin

Finals features: test of strength, low blows, Boston crab, kicks, figure 4 head scissors, STF, ring of Saturn, submission 


16 mins - $15.95

11 mins - $10.95

14 mins - $13.95


Fighters: Maki (red/tan), Chizuru (blue), Kaori (red), Hikari (black)


Our partners akibacom.jp and SSS have given a great series of videos in their 'One Day Tournament' format. Four girls square off, then the victors face each other to see who wins the day! In match one, the quick and cute striker Maki takes on larger and meaner heel Chizuru. Match two gives us a shorter but evenly matched battle between busty Kaori and the tough and strong Hikari. In the finals, both girls are exhausted but still look great, kick butt, and the winner declares herself the ichiban of the day!


Match 1 features: kicks, arm bar, rolling back breaker, body slams, torture rack, ceiling hold, low blows, Boston crab, shining wizard, knockout

Match 2 features: test of strength, ab stretch, dirty tactics, dragon sleeper, Boston crab, tap out

Finals features: strikes, single leg crab, chin lock, head scissors, pins, octopus, pile driver, body splash, pin


20 mins - $19.95

15 mins - $14.95

23 mins - $22.95


Fighters: Maki (black) and Anri (blue)


Have you wondered how all these Japanese cuties get their wrestling skill? Well, they practice by beating up some male training dummies of course! The popular, adorable, but deceptively talented Maki returns in match one demonstrating how she learned the skill she showed off in the 'One Day Tournament'. A debuting Anri is up next and shows her stuff, making this poor masked dude moan in agony! Both videos feature the girls modeling their attire in slow motion and are 100% femdom!


Match 1 features: chin lock, camel clutch, arm bar, head  lock, Fujiwara arm bar, rolling back breaker, scorpion death lock, ab stretch, rear choke, dragon sleeper, knockout, posing

Match 2 features: figure four, Boston crab, figure four head scissors, surf board, dirty tactics, cross face, ankle lock, STF, octopus submission, triangle choke, knockout, posing


25 mins - $24.95  


   25 mins - $24.95

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