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Akibacom wrestler and Japanese AV actress Natsuki Yokoyama is back to take our our own swimsuit sweetheart Yuna! Natsuki likes her chances this time and thinks it's gonna be easy to pick on the smaller American girl, but after her first match with the famous Akari Niimura, Yuna has a chip on her shoulder and dares Natsuki to knock it off! With both in need of their first win, Yuna with two more matches against difficult opponents in front of her, and Natsuki not wanting to go 0-2 against the girls from DC, it really seems like a tossup where either beauty can win! So they set out to see who does, and waste no time getting into the fun stuff! Legs are wrapped around bodies almost right away, and Yuna opens up a lead, finally getting an opponent who might be bigger, but not as skilled as the inexperienced Yuna, and she seems to enjoy trying out new and painful moves she hasn't had the opportunity for, as she's always fighting from underneath! Scissors, chokes, hard earned pins, bear hugs, and bow and arrows, you'll be wondering if Yuna is even toying with Natsuki, as that would be a totally different experience for her. But does she enjoy it a little too much? She finds out Natsuki is master of the leg lock! This seems to work on the blonde hottie in purple, and a surprise Boston crab brings Natsuki's confidence up, but can she make up the difference in time? You know how to find out!

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$9.95 - At least 100!

Can you believe it? Our 400th unscripted video! And of course it would have to be a match from our epic visit to Tokyo, featuring some would argue the greatest former DC Champ Kat, taking on tiny but mighty model turned wrestler, Japanese beauty Maria T! From the looks of that photo above, it's gonna be a mismatch, but it turns out to be anything but! Kat tries to bully the shorter Asian babe around, but she soon finds out Maria is ready to throw everything she can into this match and take down the much taller redhead, and Maria is deceptively strong, speedy, and has the grappling skills to do it! In fact, the whole fight has an MMA feel to it from their approach, to attire, down to the holds they use! Lots of chokes and join locks like arm and leg bars to go along with the body scissors, pins, lotus locks, and single leg and Boston crabs you've come to expect! With the first fall not coming until a good six minutes in, Maria gets legit mad when she loses a point and attacks Kat continuously, using her speed, frustrating her statuesque opponent, and not allowing the dominating win Kat was expecting! In fact, it's anyone's match until the end, with both girls giving their all and trash talking each other in their native languages! It's low scoring, super close and everything you'd expect from a milestone video in our history, that leaves both exhausted but only one emotional and laying on the mat!

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Akari Niimura is not just legit one of the top 10 adult videos actresses in Japan, but she's strong, toned, judo trained, and making her highly anticipated Dangerous Curves debut! Her opponent, in her first match up in Tokyo, the never say die sweetheart, Yuna! Happy to fight someone her size, the DC representative charges ahead to see if we can go two-up on team Asia, scoring early, but Akari is stubborn, tough, and proves not to be soft at all! There will be no easy wins here, in what proves to be a fairly even, back and forth match between two equally sized beauties! Yuna strikes first, surprising Akari at her own style, but then the porn star flips the script and gets back at Yuna with and super tight schoolgirl pin! After they're done playing each other game, they throw everything at the other to see what will stick: head and body scissors, chokes, leg bars, arm bars, surf boards, bow and arrows, a variety of pins, the popular Boston crab (or shrimp hold, depending on who's giving it!) all intertwined between numerous tests of strength! You can tell Akari has a skill set, and needs it to keep Yuna down and grind her into submission, but Yuna is a fighter and holds her own, and uses her experience in our unscripted style of fighting to keep this super close right up until the end, where one petite wrestlerette starts racking up the points to make this a definitive ending, leaving her foe knocked out cold!

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$9.95 - At least 100!

Here we go! You waited years for this and so did we! The first Dangerous Curves style unscripted wrestling match available, filmed in Japan, features former DC champ and resident badass Kat, taking on Japanese AV star and Akibacom wrestler Natsuki Yokoyama! She may be smaller, kawaii, and with a fun personality, but once they were in the ring and the camera was rolling, Natsuki strikes fast and first, surprising Kat who maybe underestimated the Japanese babe! It's clear Natsuki has some skill and developed a strategy against the taller American girl: go after her legs! It seems to work early on, and behind her cute look, Natsuki shows she's not going to back off from this new challenge, even cracking an evil, confident smile when she gets Kat to submit or tap out! Kat struggles early, not knowing which way Natsuki is going to come at her, but soon figures her out and is back in it, attacking her foe with everything, rather than focusing on one area, twisting the raven haired beauty up with Boston crabs, lotus locks, stretch mufflers, dragon sleepers, and more. Natsuki fights back with figure 4's, single legs crabs, ankle locks, and a killer Niigata lock, her signature! Both employ chokes, arm bars, and leg bars until a very clear winner starts emerging. And the loser? Absolutely exhausted. She poured her heart into it but is left a mess, sprawled out in an awkward position, and posed on!

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World famous AV star Akari Niimura thinks she's so hot! Well, she is, but Yuna doesn't like her attitude about it! SO the blonde gaijin steps up, and promptly gets knocked out! Thinking she won easy, Akari starts to brag, but what she doesn't know is Yuna was faking! From where on out it's nothing but the destruction of a porn star, as Yuna has Akari bent up, folded up, and wrapped up in the ropes! It's quite rare to see Yuna playing the heel and she enjoys it! Akari is knocked out repeatedly, pinned often, and finally, left in the ring sleeping and hog tied!

(Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: KO's, pins, sleepers, Boston crab, chokes, bear hugs, rope work, stretch muffles, death star


DCLIP250 - AKARI VS YUNA 1 $9.95

DCLIP250 - AKARI VS YUNA 2 $9.95

DCLIP250 - AKARI VS YUNA 3 $9.95


What happens when you have two heels wrestling together? Someone is going to cheat! Meet Saebom, if you haven't already, from our Korean partner Team Wizard. She's their breakout star, and it's easy to see why: strong, skilled, and sexy as hell with a great bitchy look! Her opponent? Our poster girl, Kat! They decide to go at it 'promission' style, best of three and Kat starts off hot, dominating round one, but Saebom gets a clear advantage in round two and doesn't plan on playing fair, attacking and punishing Kat the rest of the way!

(Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: intros, ab stretches, lotus lock, scissors, stretch mufflers, camel clutches, Boston crab, crossface


DCLIP248 - SAEBOM VS KAT 1 $9.95

DCLIP248 - SAEBOM VS KAT 2 $9.95

DCLIP248 - SAEBOM VS KAT 3 $9.95


Yuna is trying to stretch out for a match and Maria just comes right in an plops down right in front of her! How rude! Guess that match is happening right now! But maybe Yuna let her temper get the best of her, because Maria is a wrestling dynamo! If Yuna wanted to stretch out, Maria 'helps' in the best way possible: by bending Yuna up like a pretzel! Half way through though, Maria gets overconfident, and from there on it's all Yuna, getting her revenge on the Japanese babe and forcing her to submit in one of the hottest endings we've filmed!

(Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: body scissors, Boston crabs, figure 4, chokes, surfboards, arm bar, death star, grapevine pin


DCLIP246 - MARIA T VS YUNA 1 $9.95

DCLIP246 - MARIA T VS YUNA 2 $9.95

DCLIP246 - MARIA Y VS YUNA 3 $9.95



Here it is! The long awaited match featuring former DC Champ Kat challenging 'The John Cena of BWP' double champ Yue to a submissions match! Kat even puts a DC title belt on the line in this pure fantasy scenario! The super skilled Yue is nothing but a total Prima Donna while she's dominating the blonde! She's insufferable while making Kat suffer though every submission she knows, knocking her out only to wake Kat up to do it again! Yue leaves as a triple champ and Kat sprawled out and a total mess, hoping to never see her again!
(Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: single leg crab, scissors, archer compact, lotus lock, octopus, sleepers, chokes, knockouts, more


DCLIP165 - KAT VS YUE 1 $9.95

DCLIP165 - KAT VS YUE 2 $9.95

DCLIP165 - KAT VS YUE 3 $9.95


The wait is over! Now you can own the first exclusive video shot in the world famous BWP ring featuring our very own Saya as she tangles with Battle champion and super cutie Ririka! Seems the Asian beauty has a big of a ego problem as she enters the ring, taking her sweet time and even taunting Saya! bad move! now that she's finally in, Saya knocks her ass out over and over, stretches Ririka out in all kinds of gorgeously painful positions, and when it's over, finds herself a little tied up in the corner, clearly regretting her earlier actions! (Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: spear, head scissors, pins, dragon sleeper, death star, lotus lock, humiliations, bondage, knockouts






See how it all went down! Before we release those custom matches you're excited for, why not check out our blonde superstar Kat for this rare opportunity where we pull back the curtain and follow her around Tokyo capturing all those behind the scene moments everyone loves? Join her on the journey while she shares her thoughts, gets ready, and poses and practices with all the BWP cuties plus Saya, Ririka, and Yue. You wont hate watching any of them wiggling around in tight one piece swimsuits! Or Kat model those small bikinis!
(Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: interviews, modeling, preparations, training, rehearsal, group photos, post show, behind the scenes


DCLIP163 - KAT IN TOKYO 1 $9.95

DCLIP163 - KAT IN TOKYO 2 $9.95

DCLIP163 - KAT IN TOKYO 3 $9.95


Saya vs Kou, Kat vs Yue, and Special Edition


They said we couldn't do it! Now you can own it! First, see why fans gave Saya 'match of the night'! Her competition is Fighting Girls champ, gorgeous & athletic, Kou! Saya dominates early with power, Kou comes back with skillful experience to make this a 50/50 fight! Then, the match of your dreams! Former DC Champ Kat takes on BWP's double champion Yue! Kat showed she's a natural at pro style, giving Yue all she can handle! Yue has put away a lot of talent, but is off her game as Kat just refuses to stay down! Or go all in for the special edition, with both matches and shocking extra footage! Own history!


Saya vs Kou: introductions, suplexes, pins, chokes, low blow, stunner, corner bulldog, strikes, head scissors, octopus, archer compact, torture rack, enziguri, power bomb, Boston crab, body slam

Kat vs Yue: introductions, suplexes, pedigree, body slams, head scissors, power bomb, surf board, Indian death lock, shrimp holds, chokes, tornado DDT, lotus lock, torture rack, dragon sleeper, rat trap

Special Edition: everything above; plus Eden's appearance, hype vids, promos, and post show attack!

18 mins - $22.95

27 mins - $31.95

60 mins - $59.95


Team Dangerous Curves: Kat & Saya VS Team BWP: Ririka & Yue


After the shocking events of BWP05, did you think we would just leave Tokyo without a fight? A challenge was made by Kat and Saya so BWP brought two of their best, current champions Yue and Ririka, for an ultimate best of 3 falls dream tag team match! The DC Girls wanted this so bad they even agreed to fight in BWP style, which could put the Japanese girls at an advantage, but the American girls, trained well, surprised all! Does BWP confirm their dominance or is it DC's revenge? Find out now!


Part 1: test of strength, single leg crab, head scissors, face buster, ab stretch, snap suplex, lotus lock, body scissors, figure four, surf board, power bomb, arm bar, camel clutch, Boston crab, double teams

Part 2: high kick, snap suplex, Indian death lock, death star, corner work, torture rack, dragon sleeper, rat trap, camel clutch, arm bar, head scissors, rear choke, power bombs, octopus, double teams

Part 3: tornado DDT, body scissors, snap suplex, standing head scissors, strikes, Pero special, rear choke, Boston crab, lotus lock, sleepers, double teams, combination holds, domination, posing

14 mins - $13.95

20 mins - $19.95

23 mins - $22.95

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