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What could be more classic than two beautiful babes fighting of a dude? Things start off with Autumn on the phone to her boyfriend when Kat walks in, and that's when shit really hits the fan! Seems they both want to go to the pool party he's throwing! And well duh, what else are they gonna do other than fight over it? And fight they do! Things get nasty and personal really fast while the girls trade sexy and insulting moves designed to show each other up and prove who's better. And that's Autumn, who cruelly beats on Kat and makes her admit it! (Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: scissors, Boston crab, dragon sleeper, pins, back breakers, smother, camel clutch, bow and arrows


DCLIP135 - KAT VS AUTUMN 1 $9.95

DCLIP135 - KAT VS AUTUMN 2 $9.95

DCLIP135 - KAT VS AUTUMN 3 $9.95


If you like arm punishment, but with lots of nasty, personal trash talk, humiliations, and lots me, may we present to you Mila and Eden going at each other Round number one keeps it simple, with both girls working each other arms with those hammer locks and confidence with a lot of pins. once we get a winner there, in round two, ass slapping is introduced as a taunt! Its all tied up going into three, which sees the girls tying each other up, literally! It's a best of three in round three and Eden comes out on top and boy, she makes sure Mila wont forget this one! (Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: hammer locks, school girl pins, matchbook pin, hair pulling, spanking, rope work, taunts, posing

DCLIP134 - MILA VS EDEN 1 $9.95

DCLIP134 - MILA VS EDEN 2 $9.95

DCLIP134 - MILA VS EDEN 3 $9.95


Super bratty, catty, schoolgirl wrestling fun time! Rivals Kat and Sumiko look adorable, and by that we mean hot as hell, in not one but two different school girl outfits and pro style entrances! They go back and forth with lots of sexy pro wrestling submission holds, the one on top loving every moment of punishing her for while girl taking it wriggles and squeals in agony! You see lots of exotic maneuvers along with the stuff you love from a typical match, taunting, and after a costume change, its more of the same, with each girl getting her chance to dance! (Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: scissors, pins, Indian death lock, PTO, Boston crab, stretch muffler, cross face, figure 4, lotus lock


DCLIP133 - SUMIKO VS KAT 1 $9.95

DCLIP133 - SUMIKO VS KAT 2 $9.95

DCLIP133 - SUMIKO VS KAT 3 $9.95


Only way to win is to pin! So there's plenty of sexy, full body pins for your enjoyment in this custom offering featuring super sexy competitors Lucy and Eden! Now if that weren't awesome enough, there's plenty more of the bending, twisting, squeezing, and breath taking (literally!) moves you crave that the girls do to each other in order to set their rival up to be held down for the ten count! Just look at the clip and gifs, are Lucy and Eden hot as hell together or what? Eden won her last pin-to-win and makes it 2-0 but honestly, we're all winners here! (Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: pins, camel clutch, smothers, chokes, Boston crabs, head scissors, body scissors, taunts, posing


DCLIP132 - EDEN VS LUCY 1 $9.95

DCLIP132 - EDEN VS LUCY 2 $9.95

DCLIP132 - EDEN VS LUCY 3 $9.95


If anyone ever wanted to see our resident mouthy bad ass brunette get taken down a peg or two, this ones for you! And to have it done by a smaller girl? Even more embarrassing! Mila is stretching out when Jinx walks in on her and as usual, Mila pops off at the mouth. But this time she picked on the wrong Asian! A challenge is issued, and while feisty at the beginning, Mila winds up all kinds of controlled and dominated. Jinx puts the busty German babe through the ringer of every move she knows and finally ends up knocking her out! Humiliating! (Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: body scissors, pins, chokes, head scissors, wedgies, surfboards, Boston crabs, spanking, knockout


DCLIP131 - JINX VS MILA 1 $9.95

DCLIP131 - JINX VS MILA 2 $9.95

DCLIP131 - JINX VS MILA 3 $9.95


The ten move challenge series returns, and this time, it's some blonde on blonde action with our veteran Kat taking on the upstart Gwen! Kat loves to brag and show off her championship belt, but Gwen is looking to make a name for herself and well, what better way to do that than to challenge the reigning 10 move champ? The first clip is nothing but Kat being punished in the type of moves you'd see more in the works of our Japanese partners, akibacom.com, the second is half and half, and the third is Kat dominating and taking her title back! (Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: baby swing, back bend, camel clutch, Indian death lock, bow and arrow, cross face, stretch muffler, more


DCLIP130 - GWEN VS KAT 1 $9.95

DCLIP130 - GWEN VS KAT 2 $9.95

DCLIP130 - GWEN VS KAT 3 $9.95


An oldie, but goodie! This match is almost 12 years old, but it was ahead of it's time! Foreshadowing a more competitive but still sexy style we're now known for, both Autumn and Alexis both had a fighting spirit and mean streak that just would not allow either to admit defeat! They don't spend long out from between each others legs and it really comes down to who is going to grind the other down first! Alexis was undefeated for a reason, and when she gets her strong thighs around Autumn's head, that does the damage for s brutal submission ending! (Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: various pins, body scissors, Boston crab, chokes, reverse head scissors, camel clutch, posing


DCLIP129 - DC012 RE-RELEASE 1 $9.95

DCLIP129 - DC012 RE-RELEASE 2 $9.95

DCLIP129 - DC012 RE-RELEASE 3 $9.95


It's Kat. It's Sumiko. It's oil wrestling. We don't need to say any more! But we will just to fill this space, haha! One of the hottest rivalries in DC history get another subchapter here once the tall sexy blonde oils up with the petite Asian knockout. Shot as a custom, one lucky guy finds the shiny babes fighting over him is a spirited but slippery battle! What's more is there's really something for everyone here if you like pro submission holds, grappling, multiple knock outs, and even cat fight action! In the end, it's Asian domination and Kat humiliation! (Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: intros, body scissors, head scissors, stretch muffler, pins, knockouts, hair pulling, camel clutch, back breaker


DCLIP128 - KAT VS SUMIKO 1 $9.95

DCLIP128 - KAT VS SUMIKO 2 $9.95

DCLIP128 - KAT VS SUMIKO 3 $9.95


Another chapter in this new series takes place in this clip set as busty Latina beauty Eden takes on evil German babe Mila in a pin-to-win style match! The rules are simple enough. Any and all other moves are allowed, (and they use them!) but the only way to score a point is to keep your opponents shoulders down for the ten count! Mila, as always, is easily aggravated and channels that fury into trying to hold Eden down, but Eden fights dirty and uses her weapons of mass destruction to frustrate an easily flustered Mila and score a big time win by pin!(Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: pins, chokes, body scissors, chin lock, camel clutch, head scissors, full nelson, smothers, surf board


DCLIP127 - EDEN VS MILA 1 $9.95

DCLIP127 - EDEN VS MILA 2 $9.95

DCLIP127 - EDEN VS MILA 3 $9.95


It's Summer time! She's hot like the season, and the aptly named Summer is the highlight of this new clip set, a re-release of her second match! This time against the super evil, mean, and nasty, but smaller and less powerful Piper. The contrast between bodies, personality types, and strength is not the only reason why this video was a hit; it was quite competitive for its time! Summer didn't want to lose both of her matches and Piper wasn't going to let some Barbie doll beat her. How did it end up? Let's just say the model-hot blonde knows how to pose! (Each clip aprox 10 mins)


Featured: full body pins, school girl pins, body scissors, head locks, Boston crab, head scissors, surf board, posing


DCLIP126 - DC011 RE-RELEASE 1 $9.95

DCLIP126 - DC011 RE-RELEASE 2 $9.95

DCLIP126 - DC011 RE-RELEASE 3 $9.95

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